Month: July 2020

From the East – July 2020

From the East – July 2020

Good day brethren,

I hope that you are safe and well during these trying times. There have been several exciting developments since last
we communicated. Starting with the 1st of July we are returning to in person physical business meetings with these adjustments, we are not having a potluck dinner and masks are required, if you do not have one we will provide one. We also ask that all brothers refrain from any extra physical contact i.e. handshakes, hugs, Greco-Roman wrestling, etc. We have the first of our ritual proficiencies coming up on July 29th for EA and FC, we haven’t had as much time to practice due to the pandemic so we’re asking any past masters or brothers reading this to please help us with whatever parts you are comfortable with.

No matter how bleak the world looks I always take solace in, and find peace, when I think of the work I do with my brothers. I hope this is true for many of you as well, remember in these trying times that it is imperative that we subdue our passions and act for the good of masonry at all times.

Brotherly Love,
Thomas A. Gibbs
Worshipful Master