Month: January 2020

From the East – January 2020

From the East – January 2020

I am writing this trestle on Christmas Day surrounded by the love of my family both here at home and by yours as you celebrate the day however you each see fit. Our family has prepared a nice dinner and I  can begin this year as your Worshipful Master at peace knowing that we will support each other throughout the following year cemented by our brotherly love and affection.

On Saturday December 14th we had the annual lodge maintenance where we began preparing the lodge for the end of the year festivities. While it is a simple thing to sweep and tidy a space, knowing that we were beginning a new year together brought a more solemn gravity to a traditionally simple task.

On Wednesday December 18th we had our final officer meeting of 2019 wherein we went over the agenda of events we plan to have for 2020, the enthusiastic participation of various officers/committee chairmen and our dutiful secretary and treasurer was quite helpful in setting out the plan for the year.

Saturday December 21st was when we received payment as Master Masons for the work that we do. The lodge Christmas party for the various families and children involved always brings a special joy to all of us, and demonstrates to me, as I hope it does for you as well, the real wages we receive for our earnest labors as Master Masons. The warmth and joy we create for others, especially those young ones that have yet to plumb the depths of life’s mysteries, is the greatest currency that we should save and cherish.

On January 4th I will be installed as Worshipful Master for Mizpah 302 A.F. & A.M., the ceremony will begin at 3pm. If you are an officer then you need to show up by 1pm with a dark suit, let’s make ourselves look good for our new ceremonial aprons and jewels brethren.


Sincearly & Fraternally

Thomas A. Gibbs

Worshipful Master