Dues are $111.02 (this includes the PayPal fees). You MUST include the brother’s name along with the submission so we can credit it to the intended recipient. Please use this link to pay your 2020 dues.

Brother’s Full Name

Upon submission, and confirmation, your 2021 dues card will be mailed to you. ** BE SURE YOU INCLUDE YOUR NAME WITH YOUR PAYMENT ** Thank you for your membership renewal. If you have any questions, please contact WB Ben Zaayer – lodge secretary.

Here is the 2021 dues breakdown:

Mizpah Lodge Dues $70.50
Grand Lodge Per Capita Tax (breakout below) $34.00
Grand Lodge of NE General Fund $28.00
Nebraska Masonic Home $2.50
Masonic-Eastern Star Home for Children $1.50
George Washington Masonic Memorial $1.50
Masonic Education Newsletter $0.50
Grand Lodge Assessments (breakout below) $3.00
Child Identification Program (CHIP) $1.50
Nebraska Job’s Daughters $0.50
International Order of Rainbow Girls $0.50
Nebraska DeMolay $0.50
Total: $107.50
Paypal Fee – $3.52 $3.52
2020 Dues & Paypal Fee $111.02