From the East – March 2020

From the East – March 2020

Hello Brethren and Ladies of Mizpah 302, the month of February has been an exciting one with more to look forward to in March as well. As I am writing this up the shrine circus is in full
swing and many of you are busy supporting that event and I thank you for your diligence. A fun concept that has come up is cooking more food at the lodge for ourselves, or having more catered meals for special occasions.

The Valentine’s dinner we had on the 12th was amazing, the fellowship committee served a delicious homemade lasagna made by T.J. Brumfeld. Afterwards Amanda Sampino taught us all how to make customizable truffles by hand with several different kinds of chocolate and available added ingredients. As someone who doesn’t cook desserts very often it was empowering to see how simple it can be if you have the right materials.

The second half of February has been marked by a number of meetings, at our officer meeting on the 19th we met with a community coordinator for Morton Meadows and discussed the exciting prospect of helping out with the community garden nearby as well as how we can be more active in the local area. Afterwards we went over the goals for our committees as we are coming to the end of the first quarter of the year and looking forward to greater light.

February 29th will be our maintenance meetup and Brother Dalton Kock will be preparing hamburgers and fries in house for attending brethren to help foster camaraderie and establish that
the conversation that happens in well-doing is as important as the tasks themselves. Please join us for the conversation and give us your input if you are available for these informal meetups.

Note from Website manager: Burgers will be served on 02/26 not 02/29. 


Sincerely & Fraternally

Thomas A. Gibbs.

Worshipful Master

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