From The East – February 2017

Greetings Brethren!

Where did January go? It seems like it was only yesterday we were enjoying food and fellowship following our 2017 installation. The officers have been practicing, and we’ve raised Brother Guillermo “Billy” Mendez to the sublime degree of a Master Mason.
February will be filled with more opportunities for work and fellowship. The Business meeting will be on the first day of the month. I predict there will be fried chicken. Grand Lodge Annual Communication is February 2-4, and I encourage you to attend if you are able. The 8th will be either degree work or practice. The 22nd will be the Mizpah Valentine’s Dinner @ 6:30. We will have a nice meal and some activities planned to round out the evening. Please RSVP to Bryan Rock or myself so we can plan accordingly. The remaining Wednesday night will be degree work or practice, dependent on candidate availability.
As always, your presence at any of these events is encouraged and greatly appreciated. If it has been a while since you last visited your lodge, we miss you!!

By Silas H. Shepherd
He who acts upon the Square
Will always well with all compare.
The Mason uses tools of love
To build a Temple planned above.
The Gauge he constantly employs
To measure work and limit joys.
The Plumb imbues his soul and heart
With love Divine and sacred art
The Level guides his daily act
And makes good fellowship a fact.
If we employ these tools each day
A beautiful Temple will be our pay.

Michael E Tomasiewicz
Worshipful Master