From the East – April 2017

Greetings Brethren!

March has come and gone, and here I am frantically writing this month’s edition (sorry, Craig).  We’ve had a busy month at the lodge with degree work and practices, as well as a visit from M.W. Grand Master Rick Myers and M.W. Past Grand Master John Maxell at the March business meeting.

Congratulations to our newest Master Mason, John Curtain!

April will be dedicated to our annual proficiency examinations, and practicing for the same.

Spring is here!  Brother Rock is finalizing the plans for the Easter Egg Extravaganza which will be April 15th @ 9 am.  I expect there will be food, fellowship, and fun for the kids (and adults).

As I travel around Northeastern Nebraska as a Deputy Grand Custodian, I am humbled and eternally grateful for the strength and dedication of our Masonic brethren.  Times are not easy for the rural lodges as membership wanes and facilities begin to show their age.  One of the things most lacking is capable ritualists that can carry on the work we cherish.  Many of the current ritualists have been the primary lecturer for many years, and the lodges are ill prepared when they are unavailable.  I would like to challenge you all to pick up your cipher and learn a lecture to give at an upcoming degree.  Nothing emphasizes the work better than memorizing it and presenting it in open lodge.


Michael E Tomasiewicz

Worshipful Master